Book of Tears
2001-11-25 17:41:00 (UTC)

The Pain


The pain can find you anywhere no matter the time or
moment. The pain can Infest your soul making it become its
puppet. The pain will claw at your soul making it bleed and
cry out for someone to mend its wounds, Someone to lend a
hand and seal all the damage the pain has caused. The pain
cannot be recognized or the vessel chooses not to. Many of
times we carry this angel of destruction and choose not to
admit it. The pain can make its way in and out of you like
a the breeze in the air. The pain hunts for a un expecting
person to clinch its unwilling jaws and infect them with
its venom. The pain is deadly it can kill and destroy
families within days. It shows no mercy for any one person.
It will take you life, pride, dreams and up most desires
with out any thought of guilt or remorse.
But there is hope

A savior is there for you. A person that can heal your
broken and bleeding soul
A man with the power to release the pain in your life
through a single touch of his glorious hand. He can destroy
the hate and replace it with peace. A peace that will over
flow your body. A peace that can make you whole once again.
A peace in where your entire body can be as one. This
unseen savior isn’t a myth or fable. He is very real and is
willing to set all of us free. But that is only if your
So are you willing to let pain corrupt your life and drive
you to the very depths of insanity and then further. Will
you let pain sink its fangs into your already weary soul.
Or will you except your lord Jesus Christ and destroy the
pain and be free of it for all of eternity?
It is not my will but his will.
And His will be done.

By: Nicholas Mathes