Janus Wolf

The Book of Janus
2001-11-25 17:33:05 (UTC)

Chapter three - The Subjects

As we have talked about the elements, we must now stress,
that elements are only one of the four types of SUBJECTS
that a slave must earn. All the SUBJECTS are as follows:

ELEMENTS, mentioned before, are the utmost important ones,
and they determine weather or not a slave will advance to
her level. But a Master can decide not to let the slave
take the TEST of the elements, before she advances in
other subjects.

LORES are the four subjects that are a strict theoretic
knowledge of certain things that a sub must know. Most of
what the sub should learn is on the Master's discretion.

SKILLS are practical things a slave should learn to do
well enough to please the master. They can be learned and
the master is the one to decide when a slave has learned
enough, however a slave can always stop the training in a
certain skill, though it could mean she would not be able
to advance a level at all.

ARTS are more dependant on the talent of the slave. A wise
Master emphasises arts in which a slave is very talented
and rewards her for that, but usualy does not demand
advancement in an art that is not within the slave's
talent, though it is very commandable to see a slave, that
for instance doesn't have much poetic talent trying to
write a poem for the master. In such cases, as always in
arts, the true success is in trying your best, successes
are always well rewarded, but less successful attempts are
not regaded as a failure.

So, these are the main subjects.

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