the writing of kuypers
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2001-03-28 18:58:10 (UTC)

tapes the key hole June 15,..

tapes the key hole

June 15, 2000

she dressed in her husband's clothing once
after he was out with the boys
and waited for him to come home
when he came home and saw her
he asked, "why are you dressed in my clothing?"
and she said, "well, you always want to be
out with the boys and you don't go out
with me, so i thought i could dress up
like one of the boys and you would spend
time with me"
and once when he came home from being out
with the boys late one night drinking
she ran a small piece of scotch tape
over the key hole
and then she listened
when in the dark night he struggled
trying to get the key in his own lock
she loved being the little demon with him
that way, and in a way, he loved it too

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