December Blue

The December Chronicles
2001-11-25 16:46:36 (UTC)

The wheel keeps spinning...

"Today I'll be spinning on a wheel
I'm a slave to a wheel
And there isn't any stopping
What mistake could I have done?
I'm a slave serving time for a live that I've forgotten"

- Splashdown's Karma Slave

Mmm... Great song. It really is. Heard it on Titan AE...

Inpost 11g: Yay! I'm in Engineering now. =) Oh, the bliss!

DDD: It's over with. It has ceased to be a Star Trek chat
network forever now. I thank Hawwy for the community he
made. It was great to be a part of.
And for a day or two, I was even head of the Operations
department. *l* Wow. =P

For once I've actually had the chance to talk to my
boyfriend. He's so busy... School and his personal projects
takes all his time, and I'd lie if I were to tell you that
I'm anywhere high on the priority list. But we've talked a
little about it (after a furious mail of mine), and I've
grown to accept that I'm not currently more than a pixel's
width of his life. It's tough to surrender to, but what can
I do?

And last night he told me he wouldn't even be home for
Christmas. He's going away again. To spend Christmas with
all his relatives, and his huge family.
Times like these almost make me wish I had a big family
too. But I don't I have my mum and dad, and that's always
something. I treasure them very highly. But Christmas is
going to be very lonely... Not even they can prevent that.
Loneliness will sip through.

Thomas feels sorry for me... Through all his own misery, he
feels sorry for me. For always being left behind and for
always being ignored by the man I love so highly. *sigh*
Yes, perhaps... Even Robbie says "Things can always wait
for someone special"...
I'm glad I have Robbie and Thomas. They're my big support
right now. They love me in their own little ways, and I
can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate them.
Thomas and I are getting closer again. I've missed him.
I've missed my 'male reflection'. *l*

Ah well. Things change, the wheel keeps spinning. Cya
around, people...