the writing of kuypers
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2001-03-28 18:57:39 (UTC)

stop drop and roll June 15,..

stop drop and roll

June 15, 2000

what do you do in a monent
where you want to panic
and cross your fingers and close your eyes
and hope that someone else
will scoop you out of this mess?
do we ever get that question?

do we remember the crap we learned in school
to we take precautionary measures
to we save ourselves
from falling apart
do we stop drop and roll
do we duck and cover
do wehold ourselves in
do we protect ourselves
do we turn our wheels too much
when our car is about to spin
out of control
do we throw a blanket
over the fire
do we keep our head between our knees
instead of keeping our head
in our hands

do we know this all?

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