so confused
2001-11-25 16:00:44 (UTC)


Well, wednesday was quite a day. My girlfriend, brit, and
her boyfiend (if thats what you want to call him) mike,
well actually x now. There wereno parents home, none, and
mike didn't even make a move on brit. They were even in my
bed alone, dark room, no parents and nothiing, my gosh he
has to like boys, there is no other experience. However, as
far as steph and me go, well, that's another story. LEt's
just say nex territory was explored and new experiences
were had, but it was kinda weird because mike and brit were
right on the floor. I was just praying the didn't look over
and see us, i wanted to go upstairs but nooooooo, steph
didn't want to leave mike and brit alone. well anyways, i
walso gave brit a lapdance to cheer her up, but i think it
just scared her, anyways tht's all for now