le soleil et la lune
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2001-11-25 15:45:08 (UTC)


The day after Thanksgiving was, well, it was very warm.
There was so much body heat in Old Navy I thought I might
pass out from heat exhaustion or something. Amanda and I
carpooled and ended up parking pretty much at the putt-
putt. They fed us Bear Rock. Yummm. THen I was just
picking around, and was like, I want to go midnight
bowling! The more I said it the better it sounded. Tiff
and Amanda couldn't go, but CJ went(even after being awake
since 5) and Andrew went. My new favorite sport is bumper
bowling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a lot of fun. I think
we should go more often.

Saturday(which felt like Sunday) Amanda, Tiffani, Amber and
I carpooled. It was an interesting experience. They fed
us pizza, which was cold, but it was okay. I got the first
part of my Christmas present!!!! oh, and Cajun fries from
cookout are the best