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Everything you know is wrong
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2001-11-25 15:24:56 (UTC)

I d better make a real entry -..

I'd better make a real entry - something based on what I've
actually been doing. The problem is that nobody - not even
me - cares what I've been doing on a day to day basis. But
perhaps somebody might want to know what I'm
thinking. At least, I might, when I'm old and grey and
very, very bored.

So: a brief summary of events of the last week:

mon: anti-war talk fr. Tam Daylell, among others. Union
tue: peace group meeting
wed: boredom and inactivity
thu: Union Afghanistan debate
fri: CUSU open meeting - anti-war and civil liberties
sat: Underground: CamSAW drum'n'bass @ Robinson

Does this prove that I have no life beyond peace protest?
Quite possibly. But what really worries me is that none of
these things I've been self-righteously doing will have any
effect whatsoever on the war. Even the CUSU motions won't
have any effect until they're ratified by the council next
term. If they're ratified by the council next term.

Perhaps I should give up and leave them to it.