Dazed and Confused

Everything you know is wrong
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2001-11-25 15:03:41 (UTC)

How does it begin?

How do you start a journal? Do you start sensibly: give an
introduction, outline some background, provide some
context? Or do you pretend you've been writing for years,
and assume everyone knows what you're talking about.
Not that anyone's likely to read this anyway; and in a way
I'm pretty glad of that. In my humble opinion (climbs
soapbox, puts on dog collar) one of the main reasons people
don't write is sheer embarrassment that someone will
eventually read their writing - I know that's true for me -
and it's a particular problem with a diary, when you're
basically writing about yourself.

After all that, I suppose I can consider this diary
started. I'm not going to list all my frieds or explain
what I'm doing. I assume I'll be the only person who'll
ever read this, and hopefully I'll know everything
important. If not, I'm sure anyone will be able to pick it
up as they go along.