Ela's Journal
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2001-11-25 15:02:14 (UTC)


I guess i havn,t wrote in a while, huh?!?!?
Well, alot has happen LCC and i broke up cuz he was beening
an asshole and he wanted to force me to stay on campus at
lunch and didn't want me to skip classes any more. so
cooter broke up with him for me cuz i didn't want to talk
to the asshole.
Now i go out with "hair boy", agian. This is our 10th time
going out. I really think i love him but i am scared that
we are going to get to close and then he'll hurt me our
i'll hurt him. Ughhhhhhhhhhh.......It's cunfusing. but i
really do love him .
I still like WMS but i don't think he likes me anymore. Me
and him have been freinds since before he was 1. and there
is only a 6 month age diference. He is so heart broken
thanx to some gurl named Andea. Why would anyone not want
to be with him. He is great at sports. He has the best
blond hair and blue eyes. god i'll allwayz love him even
just as a brother.
Ever since my brother died me and WMS have gotten closer. I
guess cuz when we were younger(before i moved to holt) it
was allwayz me/WMS & Kate/Pj. well even though pj's gone i
still can't believe it's true. I wish i still lived out in
Williamston. *Sigh* well gtg i am sopposed to be grounded.
Well Luv ya-