2001-11-25 13:54:53 (UTC)

fucked up.

I hate trying to name there entries, how the hell do you
name a piece of yourself? I mean, this is me, no one that
reads this knows me, I used to have a diary, but you know,
you tell people where it is and blam... they are asking you
question about stuff you wrote two weeks ago and you are
like over anyhow?

I just got lucky, :) I love fucking this friend of mine,
shes great in bed. Last night she was fucking some other
guy, one she may actually have a shot at a relationship
with, but she always comes back to me, and for some reason
I don't care. A few month ago I would have been horrified.
But its ok..

It doesn't change how much I hate myself though. I can't
seem to get over it . I actually cut myself that other day.
Its so strange, looking back it seems like the most stupid
thing I could possibly do to myself. It made me feel worse,
not better, and its not something I've done in years. Geez
I'm stupid some days...

Anyhow, its my bed time, job interview tommorow.