Savage Garden
2001-11-25 13:02:06 (UTC)

My night at a rave and an apology. ( Attn-Pink Fluffy Turkey Eater )

Ok ok! So I deeply apologize for screaming and calling the
Pink Fluffy Turkey guy a FREAK!

He's not a freak, in a I said so kind of way.

I just put two and two together, seeing as you didn't mark
your name the way you ALWAYS do when you leave me a message

So I am sorry!

Your not a freak, until I decide later that you are.


Ok so last night I went to this rave. It started about
8:15pm my time. Which I'm from NYC so you do the figuring.

Anyways it was great!

As soon as me and Magda stepped from her car, the guys we
hang out with ran to us and grabbed Magda, hoisting her up
and telling ehr she was going to have a drinking contest
with Paul.

Paul is an old friend of me and Magda.

He used to date Magda, in the 8th grade. They dated for 2
days before they broke up, due to the fact that Miss.Magda
said they were lacking communication!


But anyways.

Magda is the ONLY girl that knows how to hold her liqour.
Hence them grabbing her and not me.


So for 2 whole hours she sat there and slowly drank rum.

One glass after the other they handed her until she was up
to her 6th one and fell off the chair.

I was standing there and was wide eyed.

Of course I was flirting, I always flirt and do no more then
that. I was giggling my head off and talking about Trish and
Saz to this guy. Who in return giggled back at me!

So I then raced to Magda's side, dropping my own glass of
whatever it was, maybe absoulote. I still dunno how to spell

Pity me.

Ok ok! As I was saying. She was on the floor, Paul went to
grab her in his arms, which was so prince like. He's
sooooooo sweet to her it gives me a fucking toothache.

As he lifted her and I stood, the cops knocked on the door.
Nobody apparently heard the sirens! There were 5 pairs of
police officers! That means that there were 10!

I have NEVER seen so many police crashing a party in my

So, Andrew was arrested for trying to hit an officer.
Andrew's 26 and he's a friend of my brother.

Franky was arrested after being caught with a minor in his
bedroom. And it wasn't me!

Magda, Paul and me were sent home as were the other guest of
the party that didn't get caught with our pants down trying
to get know by a minor. Or attempting to beat
the shit outta an officer with 9 more surronding the house!

Oh yeah, that reminds me of how my cousin Victor was
arrested after he got drunk in an Irish bar and humped a
police car. I have an intresting life you know!

Ok! So thats all I got for now. Hope you enjoyed my story.


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