*blank stare*
2001-11-25 10:07:55 (UTC)

For 8 Months, I Couldn't Sleep...

Whoo hoo, Fight Club. Anyway, it's currently 4:49 in the
morning, I have been up since 2:22 and I can't get back to
sleep. Guess I shouldn't have passed out at like 6 in the
evening. *Snarl*
Yesterday was uneventful. Woke up, watched Law & Order
with Mom, picked up Steph, drove to Concord and abducted
Tiff, came back, fell asleep. I need a life.
I'm worried about Jake. I haven't talked to him in like a
week now, but I'm not getting positive vibes about him
either. I feel as though he's just really confused about
something (or several somethings) and I don't know how I
can help, if he'd even let me. Of course, I could be wrong
and he could be fine. But my helper instinct is usually
right on the ball, so we'll see, I guess. I tried getting
ahold of him tonight but he was on his way back to
Haverhill already. Bummer.
Could've seen Steph, Robin, Jess, Jenny, Maria, and maybe
Kat and Mike tonight, as there was a movie night over
Steph's, but Tiff ended up getting picked up and going
without me since I was suddenly so fatigued I couldn't even
stand up and could hardly lift my head. I don't even know
if Tiff's back here or not. If she is, she's in the living
room and I don't wanna turn on the light and wake her up.
Whatever doesn't matter. I wish it wasn't 5 in the morning,
I'm pretty bored and the one person I was talking to online
just signed off. GRRRRR. I wish I wasn't alone.
Looks like I'm going back upstairs to one of the few
solaces I have... a book. Time to go let myself out of this
life and into another that was made in someone else's head.

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