down in my eyes
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2001-11-25 09:48:56 (UTC)

Holes in the floor

I feel like no matter how hard I try.. at anything...
nothing will ever come out of it.. 'n it'll be of no
use. as if there's holes in the floor.. and no
matter what, I'm only going to fall through.
Just like the song.. In The End, by Linkin Park,
"I tried so hard, and got so far,..But in the end,
It doesn't even matter. I had to fall.. and lose
It all.. But in the end... It doesnt even matter"

Sorta..kinda..on the brighter note,.... I spoke to him
this morning.. . It seems like from here on tho, things
aren't going to be the same anymore. i can feel it.
I wish.. i just didnt rely on other people so much.. for
my own happiness. to show me that they care. so I can
atleast care enuff 'bout myself.
..But I don't. 'N he doesn't. 'N neither does anyone
else. But, iguess.... how can I expect anyone to, huh?
And like the song 'With You'...
"I woke up in a dream today, 'n put my cold feet on
the floor.. remembering, i'm pretending to be
where i'm not nemore...
Fall to the floor.. the rest of the day stands still
And i'm trapped in this memory"