Reality Bites
2001-11-25 08:15:11 (UTC)

I'll quote "Clueless" for this one...

I think the best way to say what I've decided is "Searching
for a boy in highschool is as useless as searching for
meaning in a Polly Shore movie". I just don't know about
highschool guys, or guys in general! They're SO damn
confusing, my hot guy friends tell me that not all guys are
sex crazed idiots, but the majority of the guys I've met
have proven exactly that. So then I came to another
conclusion. Maybe it's just guys from around here. Lets
face it 90% of them are just wanna be players waiting to
inheret Daddy's millions. And the other 10 seem to be the
exact opposite extreem, of the white trash and mullet
variety..what a bunch of winners! Oh well, I guess I'll
just have to see once I venture out into the world if that
is the absolute final on what the male race is generally
like, gosh I hope I'm right on this one...let this be an
"around here" thing. But you know, while I'm at it, I might
as well say that the girls around here suck a lot too.
They're snobby, cliquish, and solely concerned with one
uping their so called "friends" to get to the top of the
social pyramid. Don't get me wrong, these are the people I
hang out with, so it's not like I dont really "know" the
real them and that I'm just an outsider looking in, longing
to be a part of their group on the inside, and on the
outside degrading them to try and convince I dont need
them. I know that I do in fact need them to like me to a
certain extent because if they dont then my highschool life
as I know it will be done. I'm not gonna sit here and say
that I dont give a shit about what anyone thinks of me,
cause thats not true. I do care, because yes, I am 15, and
yes I like having friends and going to parties and shit,
but I just think that people should and could be nicer.
Because although I hang out with these people, the day I
become as shallow as them I will be one pathetic person.