the writing of kuypers
2001-03-28 18:54:38 (UTC)

I have to Explain June 14, 2000..

I have to Explain

June 14, 2000

Try to explain an artist
when everyone else think he's insane
well, try to explain him
when YOU have the knowledge
and THEY now a fraction of what you do

Christ, I think about artists I've known
who created, who never told me
what they meant

Why did you do that painting?
Why did you die
before explaining what you really meant for it?
It's a dancing woman,
I have to explain to them,
you see, there's her shoulder,
and her hip,
and the thish and arm
moving across the canvas

I have to explain this to them
and the thing is, that woman is me

that dancing woman is me
the woman in motion
the woman that never stops

and he finished that painting
the day before he died

and what does it get me
what does this knowledge get me
what does anything get me

I'm still without a pinting
that was of me, for me
and no one still understands