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2001-11-25 07:27:03 (UTC)

dinner with the parents

Terry asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with his parents
again tonight. I had to get my laundry done and i'm still
sick but I said I'd see how I was feeling, so I did feel
better and I did go to his house, we went to his parents
and we all went to a great place, all they have is steak,
like 3 kinds, but it was very good. Mom was given a nice
gift certificate so I didn't feel so bad because this was
an expensive place. We had a great time at dinner, never
had a lull in conversation, it was nice. How weird it is to
be in that situation, dating a guy and meeting the parents.
Even enjoying their company. This is pleasantly surprising.

After dinner we drove back to his place, watched A Knight's
Tale and had a glass of wine. We started kissing and it got
a little heated, i'm still not sure how to handle this. I
finally stopped it, i didn't want us to get carried away.
But it was enjoyable too. He makes me think a lot. I don't
know that we or I am ready for a full blown relationship
yet. Sometimes I just don't know if I am. I'm scared in a
way. I'm afraid of getting that close to someone again.

I'm tired.......

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