Fazzy's Memoires....
2001-11-25 07:14:55 (UTC)


So many things happened today,

I just dont know from where to start... First... i
cleaned out my room.... Hard chore, but hey... If i ever
need to find what i need... it's gotta be way easier
now.. :)

Talked to my sister for almost an hour... We talked
about the weekend and plans.. And she mentionned me that i
sshe talked to an old friend of mine and that he can
probably put a good word for me to obtain a Security Guard
job at a local University. It's sounds interesting so i'll
look into it. Tomorow, i'll be going to Chelmsford and
visit my dad and my 2 sisters. Havent seen them in ages and
it's gonna be nice to be with them for a day. :)

Around 9pm my time... I started talking to Christy... My
favorite online Pal.. :) conversation was... hummm...
different in many ways... But something turned everything
around.. She learned that her boyfriend, Kevin got hit by
a car. Thankfully he is alright... but i know that Christy
is scared shit and mad at the world for what happened.
Seems to her that Kevin as been very unlucky recently and
dont deserve all this bad luck. Like i told her.. no one
deserves any bad luck... but... Some people are more prone
to bad lucks than others, sadly perhaps Kevin might be one
of those !! Just wish that this bad luck would seaze
happening to him, cause it's causing heavy strains on

1 thing Christy told me was... He just doesnt deserve
it... Made me think of an incident that happened in my
city. About 3 years ago, a local police officer ( low
30's ) was making a routine speeding ticket stop. So he
pulled the car over and once he got close to the car.. He
got shot. He died from the gunshot leaving behind his
family.. :( and from this time on, all the police officer
are required to wear a bullet proof vest.. But what i am
getting at is.... Did he deserved it ?? I dont think he
did... he was a normal man, living life, doing his job !
But.... because of a 120$ fine that the speeder didnt want
to pay... A man as been killed...

Life is unfair to some... and to others life is
rewarding !!! All this to say that... In life, the most
important thing... Is to be grateful !! To be grateful of
being well and free !!! to enjoy life to it's fullest.

Christy... You are wonderful... You have sooo much care
and love to give... Kevin is really lucky to have you... If
i'd have a chance... I'd gladly be honored for you to be
mine... So that both our love would make us HAPPY forever..
But... laws of nature... :) you are tooo far away... and a
bit tooo young right now.. :) But.. later... in a few more
years.. :) I'll take you out to a fancy restaurant...
Candlelight at McDonalds ??? :)

Goodnight Christy and sweetdreams hun !!! Hope tomorow
will be a better day for you.. :)

With love..

MArco Polo