lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-11-25 06:56:53 (UTC)

you're giving me a breakdowwwwwwn

ahh today we spent like so long at the mall and i've
realized that i'm one of those people who HATES shopping.
if it's not old navy or revolution, it won't hold my
interest and aaaaaaack it is such a bad experience just to
go to the mall. some people find that it calms their
nerves or makes me FLIP OUT cuz i hate it so
much. ahhh.

and then i overheard this lady talking about how she was
getting married in two weeks to this guy she'd been dating
since freshman year in high school. and i just growled to
myself because hey that's too perfect.

and then my mom said she'd buy me something from one of the
hoochie-mama stores out there and i was like "okay cool"
but i looked & couldn't find anything & when i did it was
too hoochie-mama for me so i felt defeated.

haha shopping sucks. tomboyness, no-sense-of-styleness is
highly underrated. mm hmm.

yes but now i feel like 200% better cuz i am away from
satan's stomping grounds (THE MALL) so i will make it

ahh but then tonight britt & my dad both asked me about
zach, and i was like, "oh him" and i realized that i really
miss him & i don't have any way-cool "friends" like that @
school so it kinda reeks. and then i said, "yeah i don't
talk to him online cuz he's never on" and then i checked
and realized i never put his name onto my buddy list, plus
i never told him i switched screen names. niiiiice.

i wish it was july. july was a nice month. and so was
august. but now it's november, almost december. things
have changed.

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