2001-11-25 06:27:36 (UTC)

Fun Times:)

Well all in all Thanksgiving day was, ya know family stuff
and all. Kind of boring but it's all good once in a while.
Friday I went to the Festival of Trees which is always fun
times. I also watched two not so good movies, "Planet of
the Apes" and "Crazy/Beautiful", not the best I wouldn't
recommend them. Then I got to hang out with Jenny which
was sweet:) Saturday morning I got to go shopping FINALLY,
I was so excited. I even got a sweater for $11, how sweet
is that? Then I baked 13 dozen cookies with my daddy:)
After that I went to E. Lansing and hung out with my girls.
I ended up having a really good time and I'm super glad we
all got together. Now I'm back at home chilling with my
bro, Seany in the computer room.