emo kween

i hug pillows
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2001-11-25 06:18:51 (UTC)


adams dog hates me. i hate the dog. i named it demon-rat.

so, im watchin Gladiator. i always cry when i watch it.

i had a lot of fun today. i went shopping with nicole, then
hung out with ben and mike and went to ihop (the greecian
woman!!)and then went places with miek and nicole and then
to adams. :) aw, hes sweet. i told him that i kissed ben on
the neck the nite before and he didnt like that too much.
but he forgave me. i think. im so confused. ahhh- why did
ben hafta come up now?? i like him and hes fun and has a
cute smile but theres adam, such the perfect guy for me.
errr. stop stop stop. ok...

at adams house i downloaded like songs from saves the day,
dashboard confessional and piebald. he didnt seem to mind,
and he better not delete them. haha.

im so tired. and i have church in the morning. hmm. so im
gonna go to bed.



...can you see you in my eyes...our lifetime is a wide open
sky and you are my star...- gameface

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