confessions and love letters
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2001-11-25 05:56:09 (UTC)

12:59-this is what my day looked like

6:30am rolls out of bed, rubs the sand from her eyes and
heads to the shower.
7:00 stumbles around house looking for skirt and shirt to
be warn today. finds them in kitchen along with cute
knickers and comfy new boobly holder.
7:30 clothes on. hair still a mess. plays with hair for a
bit. opts for cute curly messy look, popular with drew
barrymore found in the zines a couple months back. (can you
tell i work at a salon?)
8:00 hair done. looking quite cute she thinks, knowing full
well cuteness will fade within the next ten minutes.
8:15 red lipstick was a no go for today. instead opts for
cheek pinching and lip bighting. (a la "rouge is for
whores, lady's pinch")
8:30 water down. no food in kitchen. tickles james' feet
says goodbye and rocks out a bit to ani difranco.
9:00 out the door, down the street. time for work.
9:30 first client, Regan, comes in every week, while
washing hair brain drifts away, water ends up all over her
face, apologize profusly and clean up mess.
10:00-1:00 work. work. sit. read. work.
1:00 out for lunch, the usual, rice and vegetables.
1:15 eat.
2:00 the lovely swimms shows up. somebody to keep me
company, work is slow from then on.
4:30 swimms and i leave salon, $50 in my pocket cute boy by
my side, what more could a good girl ask for? (omy, i kid)
5:00 decide on planet coffee, settle in with a hot chocolate
6:30 we head out and over to my house.
7:30 swimss gone, rebecca, liam, ian, dad and i head for
hull(hell) to go go-carting.
8:00 liam too short. no go.
8:30 video store, looking for a good flick (hard to find
when i swear i've seen them all. and no more BBC!)
8:45 four musketeers from 70s is a go.
8:50 wheres the money?
8:51 found 4 dollars in pocket. movie is 5, guy knows us
and takes the four with joy. (note to self, best store
9:00 stuff self with chinese food, eat too fast. start
10:00 fight for icecream. quite an adventure.
10:30-on.. a blank.
now: 12:59, morcheeba=heaven.