even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-11-25 05:39:34 (UTC)

did i did i do it right?

so, lucinda when she was 17 went top lanned parent hood and
got birthcontrol.. so we talked about sex, and my friends,
and how it is, and stuff, and then abotu guys, and shes such
a femanist, in such a great way...and her parents were
artists and they never told her what to do or how to do it,
so she just did... and i think thats hwy shes got such a
great outlook on life, and stuff.. wow...

so then i get online and stecha syas

katyisstupy: hey stecha
katyisstupy: whats up?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: eh just discussing what the point of my
life is.

which is so ironice.. and then we talk some more...

katyisstupy: yikes.. what is the point of your life?
katyisstupy: wow... thats deap.. who are you disscussing
this with?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: to do good. thats just the foundation.
oh a good friend
katyisstupy: i think to do good is a good r.. point of a
katyisstupy: admirable, no doubt
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: yes. i do too.
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: whats going on with you?
katyisstupy: actually... im at my dad house and we were kind
of talking baout that today
katyisstupy: and like, the future, mine, in particular
katyisstupy: and he wants me to help people less fortunate
than myself, as opposed to say, goign to film school
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: oh yeah? so what about your future?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: well what do you want?
katyisstupy: ive been thinking all along that i was going to
take a year off between highschool and college.. but...
katyisstupy: everyone, k.. well.. ,my dad, brother and
sister don't think its such a good idea
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: so why not? you dont have to stay inside
the box.
katyisstupy: they say i should go to college for two years,
then take a year off
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: well who's to say what is best for katy?
only katy.
katyisstupy: thasts hwat i said.. they say use college as a
tool to help decide what you want to do, but i was thinking
the world...?
katyisstupy: i don't know though
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: yeah but first its best to figure out what
is important. im trying to figure that out, and im sad
because i dont know. but im getting there. what is the
most important thing to achieve excellence?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: thats the question
katyisstupy: or do you even want to achive excellence...?
katyisstupy: i guess you SHOULD want to...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: of course you do. you dont want to waste
the only life your given.
katyisstupy: but.. what if in persuit of excellence, you
loose the sens of happeieness, or nver have it, s you become
excelent but not happy?
katyisstupy: thats whats ive been tihinking baout
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: well thats why you have to find what is
important first. and what is important is what will make
you happy.
katyisstupy: so i guess its how to achive excellence while
maintianing happieness...?
katyisstupy: yes.. but that the hell is it?!
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: but being excellent should make you happy.
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: thats up to you to decide
katyisstupy: your right.. if you want to be excellent.. and
you should, but i don;t knwo if being excellent can make me
katyisstupy: ahh...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: so wasting your life will?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: being excellent doesnt mean having a
stable job, a family, and lots of money
katyisstupy: yea...
katyisstupy: i want to be excellent dammnit...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: no being excellent, mean coming to a
realization of who you are and what kind of person you can
be to contribute to the good of humanity
katyisstupy: i never thought about it in terms of excellence
katyisstupy: ahh stecha, you make me think...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: thinking is good katy
katyisstupy: this puts a whole new spin on my confusion..
maybe its best that way...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: well i wasnt trying to confuse you more.
but i was trying to get you to think.
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: your future is in your hands
katyisstupy: and you did... thanks...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: and you can make it excellent or you can
throw it away
katyisstupy: yea to like this huge extent...
katyisstupy: my step om and i were talking baout this
otnihgt to a super personal degree, its so odd that we're
tlkaing baout htis, you an i
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: yeah. well katy. i know it seems like im
distant. but i do love oyu, and i car about your well
being. and i want good things for you. we are just in two
different places right now i think.
katyisstupy: i agree
katyisstupy: i was actually thinking baout you tonight, like
10 minutes ago
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: oh yeah? what about?
katyisstupy: how one time yuo went to emos with cc and she
needed to leave, and you had to leave to, and she went to go
back in, and they were like.. hrm.. shes young, and she was
like, well.. im goign back in an d shes with me.. so...
katyisstupy: kind of an od thought, but i was thinkign about
the mu330 show, did you go with us?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: yes i think so
katyisstupy: the ska guy, captin penis?
katyisstupy: yea i was thinkin g how mch i don';t like ska
ver much
katyisstupy: aftre, before io was thinkign about alkianie
trio and whotheir record company is
katyisstupy: abecuase i was thinkg about a song that i
really like, that im ogign to play for you
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: haha the train of thought in this girl.
youre so cute.
katyisstupy: hehe, its so wack.. but fun! my htoughts, i
katyisstupy: how was yourthanksgiving?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: it was fine. boring but fine. i ate too
much. haha
katyisstupy: who was there? and where was there?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: oh my grandmothers friends house in south
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: it was me my grandmother my uncle and her
friends family
katyisstupy: hrm...
katyisstupy: the food was goo, though, right?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: leading up to i ate too much
katyisstupy: hehe
katyisstupy: i did not ate too much...
katyisstupy: earler my dad had bee sayin ghow poelpe eat and
they feel "satiated" and they don't usually stop, so ive
been looking for the satiated feeling.. and you knwo, full,
and sataiated.. thinking "satiaited" really works...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: well thats good
katyisstupy: yea, so it hink from now on, i'll think
"sataited" and i'll stop
katyisstupy: hell if i nko w how to spell satiaited
katyisstupy: so.. college and stuff, what are you goign to
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: well im not sure either katy. but im not
stressing. the options are so vast.
katyisstupy: dud,e, i know
katyisstupy: there is so much to do, and it all sounds so
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: yeah. i agree. so who says you cant do it
katyisstupy: no one!
katyisstupy: i plan to do it all.. or try.. or at least
think i'l do it all.. or osemthing...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: you could major in everything if you
wanted. thats right everything
katyisstupy: i can major in Everything?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: yes. everythign
katyisstupy: capitalized, like she has a degree in
katyisstupy: or like, get degrees in EVERYTHING
katyisstupy: ?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: whatever you want it to be
katyisstupy: hrm.. not quite a definitive answer, but.. what
the hell...
katyisstupy: who needs definitave answers?
katyisstupy: im reading thi sbook on the Beats
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: haha how is that going?
katyisstupy: and maybe its not the best thing to be reading
right now, but its so interesting
katyisstupy: and lemme tlell you, they did it lall, they
lived it up
katyisstupy: they did what they wanted
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: of course they did
katyisstupy: they felt it so they lived it
katyisstupy: wich might not be the best thing for me right
now... but.. maybe...?
katyisstupy: na, not right now, but.. its inspirational, you
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: yeah. you know what is a good book. the
little prince.
katyisstupy: potentially.. itrs POTENTIALLY inspirational
katyisstupy: yea i have it.. i ahven';t read it, but.. i
think im goign to
katyisstupy: you know... joselin got me reading zen and the
art of motorcylce matenance
katyisstupy: and i think i hate it
katyisstupy: was that a sarcastic great?
katyisstupy: i figured
katyisstupy: you read it right?
katyisstupy: it was a humanities thing?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: haha. no i didnt. but just the name.
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: yeah if you were in the lit group
katyisstupy: you were not?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: i wasnt in a group
katyisstupy: yea well.. its terrible pretentious, it hnk
katyisstupy: why ot?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: because i didnt want to be
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: that class is annoying
katyisstupy: yea.. i hear it kind of sucks...
katyisstupy: thats a shame
katyisstupy: i have nenglish that peroid, and we're always
talking baout crashing, just like walkkng in and being like,
hey.. whats up...?
katyisstupy: do you think the teacher woud go for that?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: probably not. but she doesnt know whats
going on half of the time anyway
katyisstupy: if we walked in would it be bad, you think?
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: its hard to say
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: it just depends
katyisstupy: i see...
katyisstupy: well.. maybe i'll stop by oneday... cause we do
jack shit in english
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: thats too bad.
katyisstupy: it sure is
katyisstupy: i know!
katyisstupy: its fun, but we just don't do a damn thing..
wer'er writing a paer that im kinda of excited about, though
katyisstupy: mines gonna be bad, it hink, cause ive waited
so long, but... im gonann tray
katyisstupy: the book fear and loathin gin las vegas
katyisstupy: and the author...
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: oh what are you going ot say about it?
katyisstupy: it was supposed to be on a novel, and this is,
surprisingly, a jouranlisioct acount...
katyisstupy: i don't know yet...
katyisstupy: i have no idea
katyisstupy: the usbtitlae is the savage journey to the
american dream
katyisstupy: rather apporopriate, i tnink...
katyisstupy: im a smei finatic when it gcomes tot eh
american dream..
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: oh is that right?
katyisstupy: so.. we'll see what goes down...
katyisstupy: semi... yes
MIGHTYMEEEEEEEEE: haha well im sure youll do fine
katyisstupy: if i could major in the Sham of the American
Dream, i wouldnt
katyisstupy: cuse itd be too damn sad