Babydoll in Hell

my life with the devils
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2001-11-25 05:33:50 (UTC)

the before/after math of the whole thing

dear diary,
i am adding yet another thing to my list of pisser offers,
and it is family.
family is the one thing that can hurt you even if they dont
mean to. i support this with the event of this
thanksgiving. we invited my grandmother to our house for
this paticular holiday because we havent spent one with her
in a long time becasue i didnt like the man she was living
with for my own reasons. he left and now shes by herself
so we invited her for thanksgiving. two days before my
mother calls her and asks her what time she was going to
come over. she explains to my mother that my unvle that
lives relatively far away has come to visit and is leaving
the day after thanksgiving. my mother invited him too and
my grandmother continues to explain that he has made
reservations for dinner and that she wont be attending our
household dinner. when my mother asked when she planned on
telling her this grandma said that she was going to call
the day before. my mother hangs up. she calls me and is
literally crying on the phone. i didnt know what to say. i
cried and called my friend because i needed a shoulder to
cry on. so they hurt you, use you, and leave you. but
there is an upside, they are sometimes there when you need
them to be.
i hate the way my life is turning out. if karma really
exists then maybe itll get a lot better. but then again,
maybe not.
always and forever,