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2001-11-25 05:27:54 (UTC)

The Nerve Of Some People

Im talking about my ex-boyfriend. I know I shouldnt care
about him, or I should just not about the shit that goes on
anymore. I got a letter from some bitch today saying that
she was fucking him while I was with him. I dont blame it
on her, I didnt know about her and she didnt know about me
until she found my letters. I almost feel bad. But Im
more pissed off at Matt then I think I have ever been. He
needs to just fuck off. But I wrote him and I sent him the
letter she wrote me and the letter he wrote her (she sent
one to me). Some people have alot of nerve. Everything
was based on a lie. It really pisses me off. But I talked
about it with Andrew, I love him so much. He helped calm
me down, and made me realize that Im better off without
Matt in my life. The world needs more people like Andrew
in it. I dont think he would ever cheat on me. If he
didnt want to be with me, then he would be decent enough to
tell me. Its weird cuz when I was with Matt I turned to
Andrew alot for advice and guidance, now I turn to Chris
alot. But I dont want to be with Chris, I want to be with
Andrew. I realized today that I need to talk to Andrew
when I need to talk to somebody, hes always the person I
can trust and turn to when I need help. I told him today
for the first time about my eating disorder and about my
depression. I think it will be all fine in the long run.
Hes very supportive. Damn I love Andrew. But I need to go
to sleep now. Everybody have a good night and I will
possibly write tomorrow.

Andrew I love you more and more everyday....


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