The Nightshade Princess
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2001-11-25 05:26:24 (UTC)


It is just past midnight on Sunday morn... I do not
relish the thought of returning to school tomorrow. Father
and my little brother both sleep on the couch only a few
feet away, but even that bit of noise isn't enough to slay
the silence burning in my heart and soul. The wound has
been made by him, and has become infected and enlarged over
the days, the weeks, the months... The silence when he is
near, silence that should be filled with speech and
understanding, is shattering. Seeing how he does not look
up when I speak, how he does not even seem to see me... it
is such a horrible feeling. I've done nothing to anger
him, and there is no particular, direct spitefulness in
these actions... I have simply grown obsolete. He does not
need me anymore, and does not seem to enjoy my company. I
am an open wound and a burden. I understand. I cannot
leave, nor do I want to... I have no better place to go. I
know simply that mine is the shadow realm. I must now
retreat into the shadows, even in my own home. I sneeze
and he stirs on the couch nearby. For now, I depart.

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