confessions and love letters
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2001-11-25 05:23:43 (UTC)

it takes a love story to cure love

a list of feelings now:
words. thoughts.eyes move, wanting, waiting.without you
life took a turn.turn for worse? turn for the best.turn for
something.hearts, hands.empty places.straight
questions.shaking answers.dirty.washing-washing-
washing.still.nothingness everthing meaningless. eyes
closed. wanting waiting. wake up, words frozen on frosty
tongues. sleep. sleep. nothingness. sleep little angel,
worthless. worthless. eyes closed. heart frozen. worthless.
hurt. hush sweet angel. no tears to choke the screams.
trapped. blind. blurry. white. black. no cry. bottles full.
bottles full. full, fresh pearls. rain, drops. full. cry-
no. walking away, not to turn. walking-walking-walking. go.

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