the writing of kuypers
2001-03-28 18:38:15 (UTC)

All Your Fault June 14, 2000 ..

All Your Fault

June 14, 2000

you know i could kick your ass
for not calling
for not showing you care
for moving across the country
for leaving me

you left me, you know,
let me repeat that, you left me
and that's how i'll remember it
nothing more, nothing less
and god damnit, i wanted a future with you
i planned it all in my head

and hindsight's 20/20
i know i was a fool
but i still know it was your fault
and i won't accept any other explanation

i've got to put my foot down on something, you know

and so i left you
and i thought that would surprise you

but you have so much on your mind
to worry 'bout 'lil ol' me, don't you

i wonder if you even knew i was there

there are many things i could have told you
and never did
and i want some kind of closure
so i can put you behind me forever
so i will no longer think
that i was your only hope