Queen Bee

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2001-11-25 03:49:20 (UTC)


Lying is something we all do but some more than others.
like my used to be friend neeta. she lied just because
apparently she wanted to. but she didn't bother to say she
was mad cuz she was. NO! she had to lie about it,why did
she lie to one of her best friends? me i dunno cuz i guess
friend means shit to her. and then she completley lied
about lying. its like this one big lying weave she has
wove. and i guess that is more important than friends. i
don't even know anyways. me and donny arent doing to good
cuz apparently he has to call me every time he blinks just
because he wants to make sure im still being faithful. i
broke up with seth for doing that. well partly because of
that, the other part was because hes a complete idiot. I
guess im not important enough for neeta not to lie to and
for donny to actually trust me. its not my fault all of his
other girlfriends broke his heart but if he doesnt stop ill
be forced to hurt him too and i really dont want to do that.
Im sick and tired of the shit.i dont care if he calls and
she would have just told me the truth then i wouldnt be
pissed at her and at him but i guess im not important

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