Life is like a bowl of Cherries
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2001-11-25 03:46:37 (UTC)

plastic coated

Hey everyone. Hmm, Its kind of interesting how you address
an audience when you don't know exactly who this audience
consists of. I mean, do I talk to the bazillions of people
who will never read this? do I talk to the simple few
people who will read the beginning, think its boring and
click the x? or do i address it to shelli and rebecca,
cause girls i know youre there for me! :)

i found it quite amusing at thanksgiving dinner because we
were talking and they were like "liz, girl you never write
in your diary!" heh, i didn't think anyone read it
anyways.. cept the people i was liek READ THIS NOW! Well
thanksgiving was very fun and I enjoyed seeing my big army
brother aaron. Even though he's gone now.. heh, but ill see
him again at christmas time.

So I was talking to JP from church today, well not really
talking, it was like a back and forth email type thing and
we were discussing DiscipleNOW and such. He mentioned how
he really thinks leaders can rise from our youth group, it
can start within our youth group and have leaders and
stuff.. and I honestly think I could be a leader. Leader of
what, you ask? I have no clue, but I am capable of so much
more than I can say I've done.. but thats okay..
Phillipians 3:16 says something about how you can only live
up to what you have already attained, which makes booty
loads of sense. I want to push myself forward though. to
learn and grow as much as I can in Christ because I want
the best for myself, ya know? People say that and think
that, but then they don't show it, ya know? Not saying that
Im showing it, just that I am so happy and full of life
because and FOR Jesus Christ.. thats what gives me life,
and love and happiness, and so why not share it? Ahhh.. I
could shout it from the mountaintops, that Christ is Lord,
and .... ahh, he's so awesome. Don't look for love in the
wrong places.. God's there. and He's waiting. God's
patient, and he's a gentleman, he wont impose unless you
let him. :)

anyways, I'm really on fire for God, not a little flame on
a match that can be put out with the tiniest breath.. but
those eternal flames they have at national monuments.
nothins gonna put this fire out... i wont let Satan phew it
out, im gonna let it shine!!!

anyways, i better go, have a wonderful day!

God bless!


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