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2001-11-25 03:02:45 (UTC)

Woohoo my babies arrival

MY BABIES HOME! kinda... got you all excited for a minute didnt i?..
my babies got home around 7:30 quarter to 8 today.. a little bit
later than what he had origionally said.. so that made me sad.. but
who the hell cares hes home.. his dad and brother ended up staying
for about a half hour to fourty five minutes.. which is cool and
all.. but damn i wanted some lovings from my man.. and as we all know
thats just not cool to do in front of the family.. so we waited.. and
then cassie was here and scott was going through some shit that he
had brought back from the parents house... so far so lucky no more
bowling balls!! he did however bring home a nice brand spanking new
tv.. and its big.. again .. woohoo.. now everyone thinks that we
treat ourselves all the time.. very wrong.. even scott was saying
when he was telling me about the tv that he thought it was about time
that we treated ourselves.. yeah for us.. but.. (fucking buts).. we
also agreed that if something wasnt paid by someone (sorry cant get
into it)... that we would sadly have to return the tv.. so im waiting
to find out... anyways moving on.. after his family left he took
cassie home cause my stomach was really really really really really
hurting me and i didnt know if it was the poop monster coming after
me or if it was something else.. so he took her home.. he came back
and i had a movie all set up.. harry and the henderson!!! great
movie.. we just start to watch it and the phone rings.. tim... he
wants to do soemthing with scott.. go out for a few drinks.. so tim
comes over sits down for a bit and then they go as im doubled over on
the couch in pain.. but its all good cause i told scott to go since
tim is going back to college tomorrow.. after they leave i decided
hey maybe i should just go to bed cause im really not feeling good..
so i go to bed.. fall asleep only to wake up to the puke monster.. i
dont think i have a temp... and i feel better .. tummy still hurts a
bit... so i dont know what caused it.. anywhos.. here i am at one in
the morning waiting for scott to come home so i can get a hug ..
sadly i wll not ask for a kiss.. yucky puke breath.. attractive....
and head on upstairs to cuddle and fall asleep in his arms ... sweet
happiness.. the only thing that brings me happiness anymore..

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