Damsel in Distress

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2001-11-25 02:51:13 (UTC)


ok, we went shopping for a fake christmas tree and some new
ornaments...parents very into christmas. my one sister (who
is 14 went to spend the night at a friends house so she is
gone). my other sister (she is 13) dresses a little skanky.
she had low cut jeans on with this blue shirt what was low
cut and showed her belly button then had a sweatshirt over
that zipped up and was shorter and smaller than the shirt
it goes to her elbows. i was wearing my "i will not
instigate revolution" t shirt that is black with white
writing, a spiked braclet and baggy jeans. my mom is very
conservative. my dad wears wranglers and a hat all the
time. we are basically a circus. we go into this store and
back to the christmas area. my sister and i go off away
from the parents. we are standing in the hanging ornament
area which is across the aisle from the open christmas tree
area (fake trees). my parents were checking out trees in
the displays. this old lady was decorating one of the trees
on one of those compacted steel stairs things that roll,
and she was really clumbsy because there was glass all over
the floor. well, this other lady who was shopping was
looking at an ornament and she was under the mobile stairs,
and the old lady dropped another bulb. the bulb hit the
shopper lady in the head and bounced and then shattered on
her head. the lady was dumb enough to go back under and
look at the ornament again. lol.

i saw my ex boyfriend i started going out with him when i
was 15 and then stopped when i was 16. we went out for a
bit over a year, then i broke up with him. i am now 17 and
its a year later. he is so nice, and he is every girls
fantasy...except mine. he is very cute...5'9" blond short
neatly cut hair blue eyes, great body, he takes so great
care of himself. he is 19 has great abs and muscles hard
stomach. i mean lookwise he is great for the average girl.
he is christian and very innocent. he was saving himself
for marriage (but i took that away from him). he is truly
innocent. he wasnt into sex, and still is not. he was a
football player in high school, but he didnt have the
mentality of one. he was an honors student, and great all
around. the christian thing got between us. he kept pushing
for me to join him at church and to meet my parents. he was
too squeeky clean. we did have fun times he was the best
kisser i ever have known he had the fullest lips and would
work them. he had a wonderful smile. i love him...but im
not in love with him. he still keeps telling me he loves me
till this day he hasnt had a girlfriend since me, and it
hurts me to see how much pain ive caused him. sorry anthony
if you ever read this.

anyways, weird day it was raining sooooo horny. ill leave
on the IM FRIGGIN HORNY note.
-damsel in distress