a little piece of me
2001-11-26 02:07:26 (UTC)

home sweet home

aaaaaaah. so good to be back. it's aweful to say, but my
family really gets on my nerves sometimes. first, my
brother. it wouldn't fucking kill him to let me check my
email or play on his computer while he's at school, but
noooooo. i had to bribe him every time i wanted to use the
computer. sometimes he still wouldn't let me. when he
comes to visit me, he's allowed to use the computer
whenever. i just don't see why he has to be that way.
sometimes he's a really good kid, but other times he can
turn into a complete asshole.

next, my mom. ok, she knows i'm allergic to most perfumes,
yet she wears them anyway. hell, she bathes in the damn
shit. so i spent the whole damn week sneezing, blowing my
nose, and rubbing my eyes. i asked her when i first got
home to stop wearing it. she couldn't go one fucking week
without wearing perfume! so i was miserable the whole

then my dad. he actually wasn't too bad. he bitched at me
once, but i only saw him three times. i saw him when i
went to the after church thingy on sunday, then on
thanksgiving, then today before i left. that's kinda sad,
that i stayed at my parents' house and only saw him that
many times. i really don't care. better off that way.
he's crazy anyway.

last, there's my grandma. ok, so i know she gets upset
because my grandpa died (almost 2 years ago), but she
thinks that she's totally helpless now. that drives me
nuts. she has the door locked before it even gets dark
outside because 'i'm all alone and someone is going to come
in and get me'. she's so fucking paranoid. i had to paint
her house because she couldn't do it. bs!!! she ended up
painting her bathroom by herself because i wasn't around to
do it. i don't mind helping out, or even doing the whole
thing, it just bothers me that she says she can't do it.
she can. she's proven that she can. another thing about
her, and i'm going to sound like a hypocrite for saying
this, but she talks bad about everyone behind their
backs!!! that drives me insane. what kills me is that
she's sooo nice to them to their face, but the instant
they're not around, she has all kinds of aweful things to
say about them. i guess i am sorta guilty of the same
thing, since i'm bitching about my whole family now, but
they already know the things i'm saying. i have said it to
their face. and they keep on.

now on to something less negative. i just finished an
awesome book. it was 'survivor' by chuck palahniuk (plug
plug...lol). i am absolutely in love with that guy. he
wrote 'fight club'. brilliant. love him. he also
wrote 'invisible monsters'. i want to read 'choke' next,
but i can't afford it right now. i also want to
read 'fight club' to see how close to the book the movie
was, although it definitely has his tone to it. he's got
such a twisted sense of humor. he has been likened to
vonnegut, which makes sense that i like him so much
(vonnegut is my favorite author, although palahniuk is
getting up there fast...he needs to get a few more books
out there!!! feed my addiction!). i've read some of his
stuff from magazines and whatever i can get my hands on
over the net. this is becoming a serious habit! lol.

anyway, i guess that's about it. great to be home. too
bad i have to go back to school on monday. thank god the
semester is almost over. ok, so i hope everyone had a good
thanksgiving and a good weekend. take care all.