I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2001-11-26 01:24:11 (UTC)


Well, I got my hair cut yesterday. Short. Kinda like
Charlize Theron....a kinda 40s style. I really like it
actually. It's different, but I really do like it. I'd
better like it actually, I paid enough for it.

Saw Harry Potter yesterday and really liked it alot. They
did a GREAT job. Today, I saw a French film called Amelie.
OH WOW. It was awesome. I'd buy this film. It was happy and
cheery and full of hope, but in a fun way. The star is
GORGEOUS and very expressive, and wow. I am speechless.
Amazing. GO SEE IT!!

What else? Well, not much. I'm ready to date. I've decided.
I don't need anything serious really, though I would like
that eventually, but I want more human contact that isn't
my family. What do you think?