even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-26 00:25:12 (UTC)

please give me a towel

so.. yea, i don't know.. today we woke up late, and sat
around for a few hours, and the we decided to go on a drive
to los alamos or somehting, but we didn't, cause ... there
wsa no time, we went to the flea market instead... we ate at
burts buger bowl, they have these veggie burgers, and
lucinda and i had those instead of regular burgers.. so this
keyboard sucks so bad, and it really make you appreciate the
nice quiet smooth ones in the multimedia room.. so dad and i
talked today about the future, and dad thinkgs t that film
school, or photography is like, sa terrible idea.. he thinks
that goign to say film school would be not helpin g
humanitie, and that i could be doing so much more with my
furute, that isn't as selfish a film school, and help people
who are less fourtuante than me... so.. i see his poitn,
but.. can't i do both? i don't really want to go to film
school, but what the hell else am i going to do? so far
takin gpicture and possibly being a director have been the
only things that have really gotten me ecxited as far a a
job goes, i know i don't want to wrok in an office building
with certain sick day nad have to wak eup and put on clothes
i don't like.. ddad sadit aht to reall b e succesful as a
photpgrahper you have to be willing to lead a totally
abnormal life, and i think i am.. i think that if living a
toally abnormal life means being happy and doing what i
love, i say we shoul all lead totally abnomrlal lifes,
whats there to lose? i think that at this point inn my life,
granted im 16 and littele to no responsiblityt, that id
rather be poor than unhappy.. but.. fuck.. also, i talked to
trey and liza about taking a year off, dad too, and they
alll say i need at least 2 years od college before i take
naytime off, so i can see what i want to do then, but my
thinking on htis is why wait until ive had two years of
cvollege that might or might ot be helpful to see waht i
want to do? dad sasy that i might not be able to
papreciate the time off until ive had al ittel college to
help me see things i could do... lucinda on the other hand
thinks that a year off might be good, so i don' t know, but
ti t sucks, cause i t was something i was so sure of... and
that gets me to thinking whats gonn ahappene whens my
friends graduate and where they are goign to go and what
thye are going to do? and its kinda of made me sad, cause i
don;t knwo, and they don't know also and its o much closerf
or them... which got me thiniong, ive wasted my highshoool
years, they ar almost over, and there is so mcu hive wanted
to do tht ive put off, cause im a bum, i guess.. blah.. dads
got some friends coming over, and they want me to come dirnk
port and sit out there with them.. ruddie roo... i don't..
blah.. so...

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