i guess this is what u want to read..
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2001-11-25 23:48:28 (UTC)

woohoo 1st one!

well its my 1st writing... today i an email from a
friend...the email i had wote to her was about boys i guess
you can say and how i dont have one and when i get jealous
when i see other friends that have their own guys..it still
kinda upsets me but i guess after not having one for a long
time you kinda get use to it...and besides the friends i
have now are better than any guys..i mean they are soooo
cool..i can tell them anything and you know its rad..they
help me with my problems...which i have soooo
many...sometimes i think i bug them with all of the
problems.. but they listen...so thats a really great
friend!!!! every single friend is very very cool...i mean
none of my friends are the same..and they better be happy
that i like them soo much bc today my dad turned down a job
that would have paid 80thousand $'s a year..bc i didnt want
to move to another state bc i didnt want to make new
friends! i mean that reallllllllyyyy proves i love them
all!!! ok now about the bad things that happened...well
since this is my 1st writing ill tell you something that
happened yesterday..well we went to the mall and me and
some friends wanted to get our pics taken in one those
things..ne way...after we had gotten our pics taken..our
pic was on this tv where everyone could see it..just as a
funny thing my face was closest to the cam...as these guys
were walking past they looked up and stated laughing..at
1st i was like ok they think im funny or something..well
then they said something only that the people that really
want to hurt my feelings call me...i just looked at the
floor and thought what jerks..but they didnt know me and if
they would they would think different! bc i am a cool
person..and ne one who cant look at me for that is a obtse
person..i mean yah sometimes im get a little bit perculiar,
but hey everyone is different...and thats just the way it
is...that was the only harmful thing that happened...welp
soon time to go bowling....ill write back 2marow!