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2001-11-25 23:37:09 (UTC)

Coming up lame

okay- so are people actually reading this? Are you people
actually inflicted with so much damn free time that you
want to read the strife and intermost thoughts of those who
might be entire strangers or someone sitting beside you at
work, school wherever whatever?
Or is it those who have their journals available for you to
read that are the lame ones?

For those who are reading, I'll give a little description
of myself:

Extremely enthusiastic, I say and do things that normal
people(they disgust me) say is wierd.. but I have this
really dark and morbid side that I don't show to many and
really dont understand.. anyway I dress however I'm
feeling that day.. baggy worn out jean with a wife beater,
tight jeans with a nice shirt.. I feel sometimes I may
appear to be a poser but then I remember that I don't
care. I'm almost 5'4, pretty muscular, 125 lbs, really
short dark brown hair, hazel eyes that change with my
mood.. I love jogging, pumpin iron, scuba diving, rock
climbing. I like to listen to hard ska. like watching old
movies (Superman rocks!) I'm a pretty good sketch artist,
and also enjoy makin my own jewelry and stuff, as well as
messin with clay for sculptures and pottery. I play guitar
and this journal thing is getting way too long. Later.

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