The Sexy Blonde
2001-11-25 22:47:50 (UTC)


Yes yes yes, I'm getting married, as you all should know.
I'm 15, yes thats a little earlier to be rushing into
things but I'm frickin ready, and now this situation if I
am or am not pregnant is flipping the script. Well I have
already looked at wedding dresses and everything. I hope
peopl will not look down on us for getting married so young
or because it is an inter-racial relationship, he is
Mexican and I'm white. Not a big deal to us but for many it
is a problem, not that anyodys opionions matter. Wll Happy
Thanksgiving all!

Wishing all a very best. Since we want a big
wedding Iwas thinking , damn...we need to have some heap
center pieces since everyone seems to take them at the
after party. Well I'mso jealous of some girls at school.
During lunch time this one chick brought her baby up to
school and it as so adorable, I got to hold her. Such a
tiny thing only 2 months old. I was wondering why I hadn't
seen her, didn't know she got screwed, thought she wasthe
perfect little angel!!

On that note, I'm going to go to the movies with my
fiance tonight. Not sure what were going to see but last
week we went & saw Shallow Hal!!!! Funny as hell, for those
of you who have seen it...Do you think the part at the end
were he shows hs tail is funny????? I was really mad becase
a bunch of stupid litte middle schoolers were taken pitures
of he movie and the flashes drove me up the wall!! I was
ready to go over there and break that shit!!

*~ Well got to go!! See y'all later ~*

*~ Love Me Love You ~*