The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-11-25 22:19:17 (UTC)

going to sonia's tonight

well i do, i do like sonia.. its so weird to say
exspecially since this is a public diary and anyone can
read it and think i am the grossest person on earth.. i
mean i have ALWAYS loved guys.. but i donno. this is
just...different. anyway i am going to go over to her house
tonight till like 12 and i am SURE something is gonna
happen cuz SOMETHING always does.. anyway
its weird cuz i mean 2 other gurls have told sonia that
they like her.. and i know one of them and its just so
weird. i mean she tells me eveything and is just so open
and honest,, not that i mind or anything. oh well . i am
still so confused.. but the main reason she said no to the
other gurls is cuz she likes me... and she says she never
even thought about it like that before ( 2 girls) untill i
came along.. and trust me i wasn;t into gurls either.. and
i still am not.. only her. i mean whereever i go i still
check out guys not gurls not ever but its just weird cuz of
me and sonia.. anyway please dont think i am gross. its
just the way it seems to be right now.. and if u have read
this entry do u mind giving me feedback and or advice...