the writing of kuypers
2001-03-28 18:31:56 (UTC)

change my perspective july 3,..

change my perspective

july 3, 2000

god, i do these favors for other people
and they're not making me a ton of money
and these people i do favors for complain so much
and i was asked why i do it
and it's not as if the work excites me any more
so my answer was that i do it
primarily so i could expand my own collection
of what i have done
but why am i doing it?
is that my end goal?

and someone replied to me,
saying they knew of a story
where a bunch of bricklayers
were laying brick to build a cathedral
and someone asked a few people what they were doing
and most of the men said that they were laying brick
and one man said he was building a cathedral

and when they replied to me,
when they told me this,
they said that
it is all a matter of perspective

so now i have to figure out how to change my perspective
or be happy with it, and sometimes
i don't know how