I am a goddess
2001-11-25 22:08:49 (UTC)

I love you

I am embarrased.
I shouldn't be but i am.
Its about who i fancy, hes the kind of person who i
wouldn't normally even give a second glance to but somehow
hes attracted my attention.
Ever since we came into 6th form he seems to have come into
his own and is far more confident and outgoing than ever
before. I've noticed him far more. I love his smile and his
sense of humour, he always makes me laugh.
hes ever so shy though and its really weird because i am
really loud and boisterous.
Its amazingly strange. I can't get over it. This seems
really corny but i've fallen for him in a big way. Shit!
I'm not going to mention his name because when im around
him im really shy, which is very unlike me. Its probably
really noticeable because im not like that to anyone else.
He makes me feel really shy and scared, for once i actually
care what someone thinks of me.That is why i can't mention
his name. Incase someone i know reads this. Its happened
Aaarrrggghhh, i wish i didnt care what he thought so i
could have the confidence to go up to him and tell him how
i feel but theres something about him that makes me feel
really reserved and self concious.
God ive been boring, droning on about a guy for this amount
of time.
God i feel weird.