LayD Haze

LayD Haze
2001-11-25 21:43:45 (UTC)


Well, IM DEAD BORED! ahhhh...there's nothing to do. well
i can't find anything to do. Damn yo! im goin crazy. Ahhhh
damn i wish i could've gone to Break Beats..eck! dammert.
Ah wellz...guess i can't do much bout it. hmmm...on other mind's been kinda occupied by situations. Feel
bad that i been makin some1 who means alot to me feel like
im ignorin em...but i really am not tho. Just that i don't
know how to deal with the situation yet..and just
trying to take in everything and realize stuff. But imma
try to change things. Hopefully it not gonna be too late...