inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-11-25 21:22:59 (UTC)


i need to write here more often. =P

well, i ate today. cereal and carrot sticks. i'm trying
to wake myself up, since apparently it isn't good for my
piercing if i drink coffee at this point. _-_ geh.

got a shitload o' dishes to do. i dunno wat it is, but it
seems like whenever i do dishes, i'm washing every single
thing in the house. i guess when there's just a couple
plates there or watever, it seems like a waste of time to
waste soap and water. n we should just wait or watever.
but i dunno, judging by the amount of stuff in the sink
(it's only been a day! jeez!) i think it'd come up to about
the same. =P i gotta stop bein so lazy.

our neighbours r bak. im pretty sure of it. we thought
they'd moved or sth, cuz it'd been quiet and stuff fer a
long while, but... yesterday they were LOUD, crashing
around their apt. and running up and down the hall and
slammin doors fer sum reason. -_- i dont understand y n e
one has 2 b that loud. we could even hear them talking.
*sighs* and now the crap music is bak. im totally sure
it's them... they always listened to mainstream crap. like
the stuph we're told is supposed 2 b kewl... they're
products of mass marketing. or watever. *rubs temples*

well, bla fer them. i wonder where they went b4, tho?
wish they'd go back... _