2000-11-15 22:45:21 (UTC)

Faith, Well I m writing you..

Well I'm writing you again and that makes 3 times in one day.
Right now, my cousin Yasi is over here and Charlyn went to Chris's
house (that's Yasi's crush) to get a sqaure. If you don't know what
the is, then don't worry about it. I was thinking about having an on-
line diary earlier and I think it's just a whole bunch of stuff about
you that people on-line read. They get to know you and what's going
on in your life. Anyways, Kenny's grounded because he got 3 F's on
his report card. I didn't do so good myself. Here's my grades:
Reading- 86 (B)
Science- 70 (D)
English- 86 (B)
Band- 88 (B)
Math- 70 (D)
America History- 69 (F)
Other than that F and those 2 D's, I didn't do that bad. I could have
done better though. Well I better go. Yasi's gotta leave so I'm gonna
sign off and do my chores real quick before my mom comes home. Bye!