Lost Slut
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2001-11-25 18:17:10 (UTC)

11.23.01 was a fair day..untill my mistress called
me..she let me know that she has a very special place for
me..other than under her..she let me know that she would
cherish me...that i'm not just some run of the mill sub..if
i was a run of the mill sub..she would whore me out as slut
that need to be a price..that i would be just
used for that only..and not a full time sub..but just a felt great to hear this from her..then we went on
line and i pissed her off..god how do i get into these
mess's..she booted me off line then didn't call me..of
course she had a date with some real man (a big dick)
maybe she didn't have time..later