the writing of kuypers
2001-03-28 18:28:47 (UTC)

Since she got fed up with her..

Since she got fed up with her job as the art director of a
few magazines for a publishing company, Janet Kuypers, to
relieve the stress:
(a) vents her twenty-something angst musically with acoustic
bands called "Mom's Favorite Vase", "Weeds and Flowers" and
"the 2nd axing", sings with other musicians (like pointless
orchestra) and attempts to learn to play the guitar,
(b) writes so much that she irritates editors enough to get
her published in books, magazines and on the internet for a
total of over 4,500 times for writing or over 200 times for
art work,
(c) writes so much that in order to make her feel like a big

she gets six books published:
* Hope Chest in the Attic
* The Window
* Close Cover Before Striking
* (woman.)
* Autumn Reason
* the Average Guy's Guide to Feminism
* Contents Under Pressure
* Changing Gears

(d) gets tired of thinking about her own pathetic life, so
runs a non-profit publishing company (Scars Publications and
Design), where she does internet work and book design, and
edits the literary and art magazine "Children, Churches and
Daddies" so she can read and broadcast other people's
depressing stories,
or (e) all of the above.
When doing all of that didn't work, Janet decided to quit
her job and travel around the United States and Mexico,
writing travel journals (where she collected them into a
book called "Changing Gears") and starting writing her first
novel (titled "The Key To Believing"). She also plans to put
a final collection of most of her work together called "The
Decrepit Remains", but after that wasn't enough, she thought
she would try to get her life back into order by trying to
sing more and record it for free postings on the scars site
on the internet (, moving across the country
once or twice, getting married, getting a house with a
jacuzzi fireplace and sauna, and possibly (vecause she's
psycho on never being at res