emo kween

i hug pillows
2001-11-25 17:19:20 (UTC)

few minutes later....

i feel i want to write more.

theres not really much going on today. or so far. im talkin
to cameron and ben and thats it. my two most favorite
people haha. joking. i wanna go to a show but theres not
really any good ones this weekend. maybe next weekend.

i dont know what to get adam for christmas. i really dont.
ive been thinking and ive come up with nothing. err. and i
think im in love with him. thats not good. very bad. its
just not fair because ive been in love already and he hasnt
and i dont know. enough.

im so tired of charlotte talking about how shes made out
with barrett like every nite this week. eww. and she tells
like 867855897 people and then says "shh, dont tell anyone"

yea OK.


BumblebeeCharlie: jon hund has gotten a lil on the chubby
SurferBobo: hes sexy leave him alone ha
BumblebeeCharlie: haaaaaaaa
BumblebeeCharlie: hahahhahahahahahahahha
SurferBobo: hah its not that funny!! haha
BumblebeeCharlie: sure it's not

that gave me a good laugh.

and thats all im gonna write. maybe ill write later.

see yaaaa.