Hell is where i live

GIrlfriends just piss me off
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2001-03-28 18:28:15 (UTC)

Time 19:23 Well my life has..


Well my life has just got FUCKED up by some ass hole i know.
I am with the most bufiful girl i eevr met and some one i
know has told her i am cheeting on her. The thing is i
would never dream about doing anything like that due to the
fact i belive a relationship should be between 2 people
thats me and the ONE yes ONE person i love. I would never
change a thing about my girlfriend she is so butiful and
inteligent that i would never dream about changing a thing
let alone cheet on her. Now this ass hole has told her
loads of shit and she is only just talking to me. Most
people in the right mind would not tell some ones
girlfriend that they are cheeting on them epeshaly when
they are not. Why the fuck he has done it i dont know. i
have never done anything to upset him or anthing like that
that i know of so why???????? thats all i want to know. I
bet i never find out as well. Ill just have to wait until
9:30 pm tonite to find out what is going on with my

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