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2001-11-25 17:00:28 (UTC)

loooong time

hi, sorry its been way way too long. ive been busy and when
i did remember, i couldnt think of my password and its
taken me like a week to find it. so lemme tell ya whats
been going on:

its been a month and few days with adam

-i have a kinda/sorta/lil crush on ben. but im not acting
on it. i can look. but not touch. alright.

cameron and i are gettin along very well. it makes me smile

thanksgiving was fun

i was with ben and mike last nite and it was funnnny

ive been listenin to the rocking horse winner cd nonstop.
its so so good. yes.

friends are back from college this week...
-but are leavin tomorrow

im happy

-my sister is annoying and i want to get rid of her.

im goin shoppin today with nicole

i cant think of anything else. but i know theres more.

hmm......but i do promise to write more often. hahah.


and this is all. toodles.


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