Savage Garden
2001-11-25 16:51:04 (UTC)

And so I am...P-I-S-S-E-D!

Listen to me. Whoever is reading this and leaving the
messages, FUCK OFF!

If your reading this and leaving NICE messages or just
reading it, then DON'T fuck off.

I received yet ANOTHER unless message from, who I have just
nick named GHOST WRITER.

Here you have it,



Heh heh, Pink Fluffy Turkeys :) Heh Heh

At least sign your name !

If this is still the same BRITTANY person, then fuck off BIG

But if it's someone I know and LOVE, then I'll let you
slide. ;-)

I never mentioned PINK FLUFFY TURKEYS in my entries !

So where the fuck is this comming from ?

I'm sorry if I wasn't on some weird acid trip on my
thanksgiving, as obviously you were !

One word for you GHOST WRITER.....